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Controlling Access to Faxes - are you exposed?

GoldFax Advantages

Paper-based Fax Machines are Open to Everyone - NO SECURITY

Have you ever wasted your time hovering around a fax machine for a critical fax? Or been given a confidential document by a co-worker who picked up your pages by mistake? Or lost an important fax? Or seen something on a fax that you shouldn't have?

Paper-based fax machines and Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are inherently non-secure. A received fax or fax that was just sent may be left in the open and viewed by unauthorized personnel. Or even worse, could intentionally remove the confidential document containing ID information.

Are you exposed to ID theft or lawsuits?

Faxes left in the open can contain social security numbers, driver's license numbers, credit information, medical background and test results, and other data that could be used by a criminal or thief to steal a person's identity. If confidential patient information were leaked it could result in costly lawsuits.

GoldFax Advantages - Access Control and Authenication

Access Control - Sending and receiving faxes is protected by user name and password.
Authentication - GoldFax tracks the name of the user that sends a fax and the user that a received fax is routed to.

GoldFax Security Advantages

With GoldFax you have perfect security - and flexibility. Inbound faxes can be routed:

  • directly to users' email Inboxes or a common mailbox. No more wasting time waiting for faxes - GoldFax delivers them safely and securely. Electronic faxes are clearer and easily filed into folders.

  • into specific folders on a network server. You can choose to have faxes saved as PDF or TIFF images - multiple pages in one document or as separate documents for each page. GoldFax can select folders based on caller ID, TSID, or incoming fax line. Document Management Systems can easily import faxes from GoldFax.

  • to any printer in your network. No need to have fax machines everywhere - GoldFax can print to any printer if you need hard copies of faxes as they are received.