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Telephone System Integration - DTMF

Integrating Telephone Systems

Receiving faxes using DTMF - Dual Tone Multi Frequencies

DTMF tones are the sounds generated when you press keys 0-9, *, # on a telephone handset. The sound is a signal of whiich number was pressed. All numbers on a phone are assigned two DTMF tones.

Most phone systems support the passing of DTMF tones. The phone system knows which outside number was dialed and can add that information to the transfer to an internal extension. DTMF tones can be passed from your phone system to the fax board in the GoldFax server. TruFax

If your fax phone lines are connected to your phone system, calls to those numbers are routed to the extension number(s) pointing to the fax board on the GoldFax server. When it connects, your phone system will pass the DTMF tones of the outside called number to the fax modem.

For example, 714 695-1010 (DPD International's fax number) goes into our phone system. All fax calls to this number are transferred to an extension in our phone network with the digits 7146951010 passed via DTMF tones to our GoldFax server.