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Telephone System Integration

Telephone Systems

GoldFax works with any phone system

GoldFax can dial a fax number directly or through any phone system. It can be set to dial a 9 (or any number of digits) before it makes any call and it recognizes which area code it is in so it drops the area code from any phone call it makes.

GoldFax can routes faxes received based on DID or DNIS numbers, DTMF tones, as well as TSID or CSID numbers directly to people's email Inboxes or to specific folders on your network.

VoIP - Voice Over IP

GoldFax works perfectly with phone system PBX's using Voice Over IP. The GoldFax fax modem is plugged into your PBX's gateway (analog, digital or FOIP) where it connects to the outside telephone network. Your telephone system representative can show you how easy it is to do.

GoldFax Cloud Telephone Services

GoldFax offers solutions that bypass the need to integrate with a telephone system and instead utilize the GoldFax Cloud Telephone Service. With the GoldFax Cloud Telephone Service you only need Internet Access to send and receive faxes.