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Security Pitfalls with Paper Fax Devices

Take this security test

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are some of your most important and confidential documents sent and received via fax - such as purchase orders, signed contracts, employment offer letters, medical test results, financial transactions, etc.? Answer: Yes. All it takes is one lost or misplaced fax or a fax read by the wrong person to cause a breach of confidential information that starts a lawsuit.

  2. What automatic security action happens to a fax received on your paper fax machine or Multi-Function Printer? Answer: Nothing. Faxes sit there accessible to everyone until someone picks it up and delivers it to the intended recipient.

  3. Are you protecting confidential information received via a paper fax device? Answer: No. Unsecured fax devices are accessible by anyone that walks past them. They can casually pick up and read them. Outside vendors, visitors, or other unauthorized persons can see everything!

  4. Do you really know what information is received via fax? Answer: No. Unfortunately, faxes could contain bank informataion, credit card numbers, social security numbers, personal financial data, driver's license numbers, medical data (pre-existing, test results,), etc.

  5. Can you reproduce a previously sent fax from a manual fax device? Answer: No. After the paper is printed, there is no way to print it again. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what was sent or received from the VP Finance's office at 2:00am on a Sunday night?

  6. What physical security prevents anyone from viewing faxes at off hours? Answer: Nothing. Even access cards, finger print readers, video surveillence, can't keep anyone who is working late from seeing confidential data spilling out of a fax device. With cleaning crews it is easy to go into secured areas for a quick peek.

GoldFax - Safe, Secure, and Confidential Faxing

Paper fax devices are open security holes. With GoldFax you increase fax security, auditing, and compliance efforts.