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About DPD International

We "Do Whatever It Takes" to make you successful.

For over 30 years DPD International has been providing cost-effective solutions to organizations worldwide. Our team of experienced professionals provide outstanding support and continue to enhance the GoldFax solution.

GoldFax has a unique high performance architecture that gives it an advantage over all other fax solutions in the market. GoldFax for Windows requires small resources to deliver its powerful network faxing capability - an Enterprise Network Fax Server - at a Small Business Price.

Over one million users use GoldFax everyday in thousands of large and small organizations to send critical documents and receive and route faxes without printing - reducing costs while increasing productivity. Over 1 BILLION faxes have been sent and received through GoldFax!

Customers include small businesses with only a single fax line to enterprise class organizations with over 120 fax lines.