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GoldFax Demo - Receiving Faxes - GoldFax Inboxes

GoldFax is easy to use. In the GoldFax Windows interface, select the fax and double click to open it. You can drag and drop the fax to another GoldFax folder for organization or work flow, forward it to another GoldFax user, delete it, provide “From” and “Subject” identification information, forward it to any email address, save it to a network folder as a TIFF file, or print it.

The GoldFax Windows interface includes a fax viewer. You can annotate your faxes. For example, add a “Please process Purchase Order ASAP” note on the fax and forward it to another GoldFax user for processing. The GoldFax annotations are layers on top of the original received fax and do not alter the image.

You can include “From” and “Subject” information.

You can forward the received fax as an email message with attachment.

You can save the fax to a network folder for processes or input into your Document Management or Content Management System and view it with any TIFF viewer.

Routing Faxes to Specific Users

Received faxes are routed to either an assigned user’s GoldFax Inbox or to the GoldFax Unrouted Faxes Folder. You can have system wide, departmental, and personal GoldFax Inboxes. Each fax number can have a unique routing destination. For example, the Finance Manager can have a personal and confidential GoldFax fax number that routes received faxes into his or her GoldFax Inbox. Another example, the main GoldFax fax number for the accounting department could have received faxes routed to the GoldFax Unrouted Accounting Faxes Folder for viewing and routing by an administrator. Access to these GoldFax Inboxes is controlled by network authentication.

GoldFax can provide your organization with not only the same number of your existing fax numbers, but allow you to inexpensively assign personal and confidential Direct Inward Dial (DID) fax numbers to users that require them. See Receiving and Routing Faxes To: Personal, confidential fax numbers.

Regardless of how the received faxes are routed for processing, GoldFax can save a separate copy independent of email for archiving purposes and for integration with your Document Management or Content Management System. See Receiving and Routing Faxes To: Document Management Systems.