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GoldFax Demo - Sending Faxes - Email

GoldFax is easy to use. To fax from email (Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Novell GroupWise, or SMTP/POP3) you simply enter a “Fax Email Address” in the “To:” field of your email client application. Your company’s email system will process these "fax" addressed email messages through GoldFax.

For example, if you worked at Acme Corporation, to fax to 714-695-1010 from you email, you would enter the following in the email message “To:” field: 7146951010@acme.fax Acme.fax is an internal email domain name set up by your IT department on your internal email server to route email messages over to the GoldFax fax server. GoldFax will convert the email message and attachments to an outgoing fax and fax it to the fax number provided in the email address, in this example to 7146951010. You’re done! GoldFax will send you an email notification of the status of your fax (Successful or Failed). It will automatically retry any busy signal it gets.

If your company has a Microsoft Exchange server, you can also fax to contacts in your Outlook Contacts that have Business Fax Numbers. From “Select Names: Contacts” click on the contact listed with “(Business Fax)” after their name. Your Outlook email automatically creates the “Fax Email Address” for you. It’s that easy.