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GoldFax Insight: Archive Search, Retrieve, and Reporting System

Archiving faxes to meet business or regulatory needs

GoldFax Insight - Archive Search, Retrieval, and Reporting System is an optional component for high volume fax sites or for organizations that need to maintain a searchable database of faxes sent and received. GoldFax Insight collects Sent and Received faxes into a separate, secure archive with an indexed database for search and retrieval.

GoldFax Insight is for organizations that need to:

  • Maintain faxes for a long period of time
  • Preserve a large fax volume of faxes across many years
  • Manage and monitor fax activity for multiple departments
  • Search sent and received faxes for audit or compliance
  • Produce faxes in a timely matter for any legal or investigative reasons

GoldFax Insight is an enterprise class option to the GoldFax software solution, offering extended reporting and archiving capabilities that provide more effective and thorough document protection, search and retrieval. GoldFax Insight was designed to assist in meeting the range of industry specified compliance policies: HIPAA, FINRA, HITECH, Gramm Leach Bliley, Basel II, etc.

Flexible and Powerful Reports

Reports can be produced for any time period, by user or groups of users. You can give access to a manager to see faxes for a group of users or for an individual to see all their faxes in the archive. Ofcourse, there is a full audit trail of all actions from Admin to viewing reports.

Click on an image to view the fax. Sort on any column. Search by any company name, user, phone number and more.

Easy Administration

You can choose to import all GoldFax users, selected Active Directory Users, or create user access manually. You can assign users to groups, define roles for admin or viewing, and manage it all from a single interface.


Users, Managers, Admins can view the archive and select data for reports quickly and easily. There is a dashboard with graphs and charts to visualize activity.

Fax Thumbnail Preview

To quickly pick out a fax, just hover over the image icon and a fax thumbnail pops up for you.

GoldFax Insight is an option to GoldFax. It can be installed on the GoldFax Server or on a different server. Access is a web browser interface. GoldFax Insight stores its metadata in a SQL database - (nearly 4M faxes can be maintained using Microsoft SQL Express). All fax images are copied from the GoldFax Server to GoldFax Insight protected archive stores.