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GoldFax Demo - Sending Faxes - Microsoft Office

GoldFax is easy to use. “If you can print, you can GoldFax”. To fax from any Microsoft Windows Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), simply print the document to the GoldFax “virtual” printer on your network. From the GoldFax Send Fax interface, either enter the fax number or select from the following contacts: GoldFax Phonebooks, Outlook Contacts and Global Address List, external ODBC compliant database like Microsoft SQL Server.

Enter the Subject text for the Fax Cover Sheet that GoldFax automatically creates for you. Click on “Send” to fax your document. You’re done! GoldFax will send you an email notification of the status of your fax (Successful or Failed). It will automatically retry any busy signal it gets.

Option: select the “Message” tab to enter your message for the Fax Cover Sheet.

Option: select the “Attachment” tab to select additional files to fax.
Option: select the “Options” tab to select a different fax cover sheet to use, delay the fax send time (for large fax broadcasts to multiple fax numbers after normal business hours), and enter the optional “User Parameters” for tracking faxes (for example, Contract #, Patient ID, etc.). As an authorized GoldFax user, your “Sender Information” is automatically entered on to the Fax Cover Sheet for you.