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Buy GoldFax

Buy GoldFax

Buy GoldFax direct from DPD International

GoldFax is available from our offices in the US and UK. The GoldFax software and documentation are provided as a download link. Our staff of trained sales and support personnel guarantee your success. Installation is done via WebEx sessions - no on-site visit is necessary.

Buy GoldFax from a local reseller

GoldFax is available worldwide direct from DPD or through resellers. Ask your local service provider or MFP reseller for more information.

Support Worldwide

GoldFax customers are in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Its high performance, reliability, and affordability is favored by small to enterprise class organizations.

Fax Boards, Fax Modems, Fax Over IP

DPD International is a certified reseller of Dialogic BrookTrout fax boards, MultiTech fax modems, and Dialogic BrookTrout Fax Over IP software and media gateways.