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Faxing from Production Applications

GoldFax can securely send faxes from any production application.

GoldFax provides a powerful set of keywords (name, company, address, fax number, subject, message, cover page, attachments, job id, send time, and more) that can be integrated into any application to automatically generate faxes or send faxes via email. It's great for purchase orders, invoices, statements, work orders, bills of lading, etc.

The GoldFax API Toolkit provides ActiveX controls, .NET Web Services, and keywords that can be integrated into any report. It's easy to integrate faxing into any application.
  • "Batch" application faxing - your applications just print to the GoldFax virtual printer with simple GoldFax keywords (Fax number, To, From, Message, etc.) between documents.
  • "Folder" faxing - your applications just put documents into a folder with a metadata file (fax number, To:, From:, Message: etc.) - XML or any other format. GoldFax monitors the folders for new documents and converts them to faxes automatically.
  • Applications can use email for faxing - GoldFax can receive emails and turn the email message into cover page information and fax any attachments.
  • Mixing emails and faxes - GoldFax can render any documents into faxes and email them to their destination.

GoldFax gives you complete control and visibility into your faxing

  • GoldFax can notify you by email when the fax has been sent or if it failed (too many busy signals or invalid fax number).
  • From your desktop, you can see a list of faxes you have sent and their status - Pending, Sent, Failed - and take action to resend any fax if needed.