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Telephone System Integration - Digital T1/PRI/E1

Integrating Telephone Systems

DPD International offers a range of third party, fax modem solutions for connecting GoldFax to any telephone environment: analog, analog DID, digital T1/E1, and Fax Over IP.

Sending and receiving faxes over digital phone lines (T1/PRI/E1)

GoldFax can connect up to digital T1/PRI/E1 phone lines through a digital fax modem card (Dialogic Brooktrout) that is inside your server. The connection uses a RJ48C plug. The cable from the fax modem board can go into a special wall plug your telephone company provider puts in or into a connection in your PBX telephone room.

Digital phone lines

T1/PRI/E1 phone lines support the use of DID numbers where you can have a greater number of virtual DID numbers than the number of fax lines that the hardware board contains. For example, 100 DID fax numbers can be used with an 8 line digital fax modem board. TR1034

Digital fax modems

Fax modems come in various sizes - from 4 to 32 connections. The speed is V.34 (33.6 Kps). Your telephone provider will set you up with a fractional or full digital connection. Your phone system may also support splitting a T1/PRI/E1 connection via a line side TIE card.

GoldFax can dial a fax number directly or through any phone system. It can be set to dial a 9 before it makes any call and it recognizes which area code it is in so it drops the area code from any phone call it makes.

Receiving faxes is just as easy. The fax modem answers the phone call, gets the fax pages that were sent, passes it to GoldFax which converts it into a PDF or TIFF image. The fax can be sent to a general mailbox or network folder.

GoldFax can route faxes received based on DID or DNIS numbers as well as TSID or CSID numbers directly to people's email Inboxes or to specific folders on your network.