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Become a GoldFax Reseller

GoldFax is available worldwide through software resellers, telco providers, and MFP dealers.

GoldFax Resellers enjoy:

  • High margins - right from your first sale on software, support, services, and hardware.
  • Free NFR copy of the GoldFax software - you can run it internally in production.
  • Unlimited demonstration to your prospects - our team is happy to do WedEx demonstrations of the GoldFax software in action.
  • Joint sales calls - we'll work with your sales reps over the phone to qualify, present, propose, and close the deal. We're happy to do the heavy lifting and make sure you get the sale.
  • Dealer shows - if you get enough customers in for an open house or other dealer event, we'll arrange for one of our sales specialists to be there to answer questions or do demonstrations.
  • Free sales training - we don't teach sales people how to be technical about GoldFax. We teach them how to sell the benefits of network faxing. We can do it remotely over the internet and telephone or if you have a large enough team, one of our sales specialists can visit your dealership in person.

What do I have to do to qualify?

Please send an email to DPD International and tell us about your business. Please include your contact information. One of our reseller specialists will contact you.

How does the typical sales process work?

We don't expect you to be an expert in GoldFax or faxing technology. If you have a prospect or customer who could benefit from having a centralized network fax server, then set up an initial phone call for us. We'll dig deeper into their needs and then set up a web demonstration. We'll give you the price quote for the GoldFax solution showing your margins. You prepare your proposal and after the customer says yes, we'll do all the installation and configuration remotely. We'll issue a temporary license key until we receive payment from your organization.

How do our customers get support?

We're happy to help your customers with any technical issues or questions. As long as they are current on their Annual Maintenance Plan, our technical team will assist them.