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Receiving Faxes into GoldFax Inboxes

GoldFax maintains a set of folders for each authorized GoldFax user on its server. All faxes sent to a user's fax number can be routed to their GoldFax Inbox. From the GoldFax Windows client or web browser interface you can manage all your fax folders.

Faxes can be edited, annotated, copied, forwarded, printed, deleted, or organized in folders.

All routing settings are done through the simple, easy to use Receive Routing tab in the GoldFax Manager interface.

With GoldFax you avoid time-wasting use of manual fax machines

NO MORE printing out documents, running to the fax machine, waiting for your turn, waiting until the fax goes through, worrying about privacy, filing faxes, and searching for sent or received faxes.