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Telephone System Integration

Telephony Terms


DID - Direct Inward Dial, a service of an LEC or local phone company that allows an organization to have numerous phone numbers in its PBX system that run off of a small block of dedicated telephone numbers. DID allows the multiple lines to be connected to the PBX all at once without requiring each to have a physical line connecting to the PBX.
DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service, that identifies for the receiver what telephone number was dialed by the caller. The DNIS information is passed through to the fax modem.


TSID specifies the Transmitting Subscriber ID sent by a fax machine to a receiving fax machine. The TSID is a text string that usually comprises the name of the business and its fax or telephone number.
CSID specifies the Called Subscriber ID transmitted by the sending fax machine when receiving incoming faxes.

Caller ID

A telephone company service that sends the caller's telephone number between the first and second ring of the call. If the calling number is not blocked, the calling number is passed through to the fax modem.

Fax Channels

Channels are the ports through which a fax modem connects to analog or digital phone lines. For example, an 8 channel fax modem board has either 8 analog connections or 1 digital connection with the capability of handling 8 calls at the same time. Channels can be dedicated as Inbound only, Outbound only, or both.

Broadcasting Faxing

Many organizations need to communicate with their customers as quickly as possible - price lists, emergency notifications, etc. Broadcast faxing is the capability to fax a document to a large amount of fax numbers.