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Save Money - Use DID numbers

Use DID numbers to give personal fax numbers

Give out more fax numbers than you have fax lines by using DID numbers

DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers are very cool. They look and act like real fax numbers except they are very inexpensive and don't directly connect to real phone lines. Your telco provider will route the DID fax numbers into a single phone line or pool of real phone lines.

GoldFax uses DID numbers to route faxes to people, folders, and printers

When a DID number rings a real phone line, the DID number is added to the phone call automatically. GoldFax picks up the DID number from every call it receives - and can route the incoming fax to any combination of a user via email, a group of users via email, any folders on your network, or even to specific printers.

Give everyone a personal fax number

It's like having unlimited fax machines. Everyone in your organization can have their own fax number. GoldFax receives their faxes and routes them as PDFs or TIFFs securely to each user via email or storing them in specific folders on your network.

With GoldFax you avoid time-wasting use of manual fax machines

NO MORE printing out documents, running to the fax machine, waiting for your turn, waiting until the fax goes through, worrying about privacy, filing faxes, and searching for sent or received faxes.