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GoldFax Technical Terms - Fax Routers

Rendering Documents

Authorized users as "Fax Routers"

When incoming faxes are received in GoldFax they can be placed in a special GoldFax "Unrouted Faxes" folder only visible in the GoldFax Windows or Web client. With GoldFax security, you can select which users are "Fax Routers" and have the authority to see that folder and forward the fax to another user.

Routing Incoming Faxes to Email

GoldFax can route incoming faxes to a general email address (for example, FaxesReceived) or a distribution group. A clerical assistant can forward the email with the fax image (PDF or TIFF) as an attachment.

Routing Incoming Faxes to Folders

GoldFax can route incoming faxes to a network folder. Your existing document management system or workflow processes can easily import the faxes. Custom metadata can be added to meet your needs.

Routing Incoming Faxes to Printers

GoldFax can also route incoming faxes to any network printer. If you need paper copies of faxes received, GoldFax can print the incoming faxes on any printer you designate.

Routing Using DID, DNIS, TSID, CSID, CallerID, or DTMF tones

If your telephone provider or your telephone system has the ability to pass this information to GoldFax and you have a fax modem with the capability of reading this information, then GoldFax can route incoming faxes with its powerful and flexible routing capability for any combination of Users, Email Inboxes, network folders, and Printers.