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GoldFax Beats the Competition

GoldFax is better than manual fax machines

  • Less phone lines - with GoldFax you do not need dedicated phone lines for fax machines. GoldFax consolidates and shares fax lines with a 4 to 1 savings.
  • Printing costs - Toner is expensive. Your manual fax machine is gobbling it up every day. Your network printers use ink, toner, and need drums and service calls to keep them operational. With GoldFax you can send faxes from any desktop application or email - bypassing any printing. You can receive faxes right into email.
  • Security of confidential information - With GoldFax everything is electronic. You can send faxes from any desktop application or email. No chance of someone looking over your shoulder, losing a page, or picking up your documents.
  • Paper and filing costs - With GoldFax you eliminate the need to print documents before you fax them - you can print directly to the GoldFax virtual fax printer from any application. Inbound faxes waste money - blank pages, unreadable smears, and fill up file drawers. With GoldFax searching through stacks of fax pages will never happen again.
  • People costs - With GoldFax you avoid time-wasting use of manual fax machines. NO MORE printing out documents, running to the fax machine, waiting for your turn, waiting until the fax goes through, worrying about privacy, filing faxes, and searching for sent or received faxes.

GoldFax is better than RightFax

  • Less cost - GoldFax has all the power of RightFax at half the price.

GoldFax is better than other network fax software (FaxSys, Biscom, etc.)

  • More friendly - GoldFax has them beat on ease of use, resource usage, and flexibility. GoldFax loves Citrix.

GoldFax is better than fax appliances (Castelle "dead", etc.).

  • Standards - GoldFax runs on a standard Windows server (no tricky OS to deal with).
  • Flexibility - GoldFax can start small and add more fax lines without a high cost. You are not locked in to the appliance hardware upgrades.
  • Fax Over IP - GoldFax keeps up with technology. If you change your phone systemand go to Voice Over IP and want to go Fax Over IP - GoldFax can change with you.

GoldFax is better than internet faxing (MyFax, eFax, jConnect, etc.).

  • Lower Cost - GoldFax can give personal fax numbers using DID at a lower cost.
  • No Extra Charges - Internet fax companies charge you for junk faxes, blank pages, etc. Their fax numbers are easily picked up by fax hackers. GoldFax offers unlimited pages at no extra cost.
  • Manageability - How will you keep track of who has which number and which numbers you are still paying for? Should you have the numbers kept in place and have their faxes forwarded - at twice the cost?