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GoldFax Architecture

GoldFax is a feature-rich, network fax solution

GoldFax has been architected for ease of use and high performance. It is built on Microsoft's .NET technology to provide capabilities for small and large enterprise organizations. GoldFax Architecture

Sending Faxes from:

  • Any desktop application - if you can print, you can send a fax. GoldFax provides a virtual printer on your network. If you print to the GoldFax printer, you will be prompted for the fax number(s) - you can enter a number, select one or more fax numbers from a phone book or Outlook contacts, or connect to a database.
  • Any email - enter a fax number in the To: field and GoldFax will take the Subject, Message Body, and attachments to create a fax with the cover page.
  • Any web browser - GoldFax has a web client interface - choose contacts, enter a message and attach documents to be faxed.
  • Any MFP - centralize all your faxing by connecting your MFPs to GoldFax. You get the ease of walk up faxing, improved security, and cost savings on phone lines, MFP fax options, toner and paper supplies.
  • Production applications - by using GoldFax keywords with your applications, you can send faxes. It's easy to integrate faxing without application modification - for example, your internal applications for billing, purchasing, Crystal Reports, SAP, Oracle Financials, etc.
GoldFax Architecture

Receiving Faxes as PDF or TIFF images into:

GoldFax can route faxes by DID, DNIS, DTMF, TSID, CSID, CallerID, etc.
  • GoldFax Inboxes - the GoldFax Windows client and web browser interface has an Inbox for each user. Faxes can be routed to specific users - manually by authorized users or by using GoldFax routing rules. Users can create folders to manage their inbound faxes.
  • Email Inboxes and distribution lists.
  • Printers and MFPs if you need paper copies to work from.
  • Network folders and Document Management Systems - GoldFax can route documents to network folders and include the sending metadata.