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Save Money - Reduce the number of fax lines

Cut the number of fax lines by 80%

Having a phone line dedicated for each fax machine is costly!

It probably seemed like a good idea to get an inexpensive fax machine for everyone that asked. However, when you add up the toner csots and ink costs from printers, don't forget about phone line costs! Having a dedicated phone line for a fax machine can cost $30 to $100 per month. If you have 5 fax machines, that's up to $6,000 per year.

Don't buy a multi-function copier/printer with a fax board in it!

For about the same price as a fax card, you could enable everyone in your organization to send and receive faxes from their desktop.

GoldFax centralizes faxing so you need less fax lines

GoldFax share fax lines - inbound and outbound. One fax line for GoldFax usually replaces four dedicated fax lines. Over five years, that's over $10,000!

Get unlimited fax numbers

You can use DID numbers to have as many fax numbers as you like, routing into GoldFax over a small number of physical phone lines. GoldFax can then route faxes to each user's email.

With GoldFax you avoid time-wasting use of manual fax machines

NO MORE printing out documents, running to the fax machine, waiting for your turn, waiting until the fax goes through, worrying about privacy, filing faxes, and searching for sent or received faxes.