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Sharp/Samsung/Kyocera MFP panel connects to the GoldFax server - centralizing all faxes, providing an archive, and eliminating the need for each MFP to have its own fax line.

GoldFax is affordable

GoldFax is licensed by the number of fax channels, total users, and by optional components. GoldFax scales up to 96 channels per server. Each fax channel can handle over 500 pages per 8 hour day. Fax channels can connect to fax boards or over FoIP to a gateway device.

GoldFax server includes:

  • Sending faxes from desktop applications:
    Microsoft Office or any application using the GoldFax virtual fax printer. If you can print it, you can GoldFax it.
  • Receving faxes into email or the GoldFax client.
  • GoldFax phonebooks - system and personal.
  • Selecting fax recipients from any ODBC database.
  • Custom cover pages.
  • Including attachments in faxes.
  • Sending faxes as email.
  • General MFP Email to Fax Connector to send faxes.
  • GoldFax management reports.

Option: Fax from Email Module

GoldFax allows you to send faxes from any email client (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Entourage, Thunderbird, etc.) or any MFP that is email-enabled. With Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, you get the ability to select fax numbers from your Outlook Contacts.

Option: Web Browser Client Interface

GoldFax can send and receive faxes from any web browser. The GoldFax web client includes phonebooks, status reports, and fax viewing.

Option: Production Faxing API Toolkit

GoldFax interfaces to applications such as SAP, Oracle Financials, Crystal Reports, or any internal application to fax or email reports, invoices, purchase orders, statements, waybills, etc. The GoldFax API also includes receiving faxes into any folder on the network - interfacing into any document management system. The GoldFax API is also available programmatically via Active X or .NET Web Service.

Option: Sharp OSA, Samsung XOA, and Kyocera HyPas MFP connectors

GoldFax can send faxes from any MFP. GoldFax offers native connectors for Kyocera HyPAS enabled MFPs, Sharp OSA enabled MFPs, and Samsung XOA enabled MFPs that fax enables the MFP without the need for a fax expansion kit or fax line connected to each MFP.

Option: GoldFax Insight- Archive Search and Retrieve

GoldFax Insight is a separate SQL database for long term archive, search, retrieve, and reporting. GoldFax Insight collects Sent and Received faxes into a separate, secure archive with an indexed database for search and retrieval.