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GoldFax Partners

We highly value the business relationships we have made that enable us to showcase how faxing is still a core technology that is integrated in many business applications and solutions. Some of our partners also enable us to provide our products to customers in regions we might not otherwise serve.

Dialogic (Brooktrout Technology) is the market leader in intelligent fax technology, having pioneered the network fax market in 1987. Cantata Technology offers enterprise customers a line of high performance intelligent fax boards that range from Analog Loop-Start, Analog Direct Inward Dial (DID), Digital T1, and real-time fax over IP (FoIP), as well as software-based FoIP solutions. DPD is a Dialogic / Brooktrout Technology Partner, Value Added Reseller, and provides direct support.

FireStream WorldWide, Inc., delivers quality, cost-effective computer automation solutions to petroleum wholesalers and retailers. FireStream offers Ascend, a Windows-based, integrated suite of management and accounting software products designed for high-volume petroleum marketers. Firestream's Ascend Petroleum Wholesale and Retail Business Automation Software is integrated with GoldFax to automatically fax documents without the need for end-users to manually enter recipients fax number, name, company, etc. For more information visit or call 1-888-324-9009.

IME Solutions is an innovator in the field of Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) software for scheduling, tracking cases, generating and distributing correspondence, and providing status reports of cases. IME*Centric Case Tracking Software and IME*Create Excellence are unique and affordable products that will streamline and automate the entire IME process, from scheduling to producing reports.

MVP Systems, Inc. JAMS, MVP's leading application is a reliable, full featured, multi-platform job scheduling system supporting the OpenVMS, Windows and UNIX/Linux environments. JAMS manages application integration and cross platform job dependencies by automating the entire life cycle of batch job processing, from the initial end-user request, to scheduling jobs, monitoring jobs for successful completion, and distributing the information produced by jobs. In addition to JAMS for OpenVMS, JAMS .NET was released in 2004. Future releases of JAMS will support both the OpenVMS platform and the .NET framework. For more than 13 years MVP has successfully marketed JAMS throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. For additional information, visit or call 1-866-259-JAMS

TMW Systems Inc. is a leading supplier of software solutions exclusively to the transportation and logistics industry. Truckmate for Windows is an enterprise-wide client server product designed to meet the needs of Truckload, LTL, Brokerage/Logistics, Bulk, Intermodal and Private carriers. Maddocks is the number one provider of Windows client-server trucking software. TruckMate can be integrated with GoldFax to automatically fax documents like invoices, Pay statements and Summary of Accounts directly from TruckMate without the need for a user to manually enter recipient's fax number, name, etc.

Microdea, Inc. Microdea delivers flexible and dependable document imaging, management and workflow solutions that are scalable, reliable and cost-effective. Client peace-of-mind and real returns on investment are maximized, by leveraging Microdea’s years of experience providing solutions to high profile industry leaders and through a personalized client-critical consultative process.

Patient|Now is an innovative technology company that creates software for managing electronic medical records (EMR) within your practice. It allows you to create, store, and search for patient information electronically by replacing most of your existing paper files. Patient|Now helps to streamline many of your administrative and clinical services such as transcriptions, prescriptions, lab reports, and billing. This offers tremendous productivity and efficiency to your practice by saving you time, money and effort while helping to improve quality care for your patients.

TDi is the leading provider of device and application management software and services solutions. TDi's premiere solution, ConsoleWorks provides: management of a diverse enterprise, real time event management and remediation, connectivity to managed devices and applications, as well as, control of managed devices and applications. ConsoleWorks assists companies in markets such as Energy Management, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, and more meet federal and state regulatory mandates like NERC Urgent Standard 1200, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, and more.

The XCAPI middleware is a VoIP interface for CAPI 2.0 compliant applications in the field of UMS, ACD or IVR. It is possible to connect to all popular PBX systems. Quick and easy migration from ISDN to VoIP is possible at the highest level of quality without the need for any modification at the existing application base. By supporting TLS and SRTP for speech and fax communications XCAPI offers the highest level of security. XCAPI is a software only solution offering quick and smooth migration, a richer feature set in the VoIP area compared to an ISDN solution, virtualization of telecommunications solutions, simplified planning and usage of cluster scenarios, cost efficient operation and maintenance, and absolute flexibility and quick adjustment with the number of communication channels.