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Receiving Faxes into Document Management Systems

GoldFax Integrates with any Document Management System

GoldFax can save inbound faxes into any Windows folder on your network. Faxes can be saved as PDF or TIFF images (option to save as a single multi-page file or separate file for each page). GoldFax can also include XML files of fax metadata (fax number, user name, recipient name, date, time, etc.) for indexing.

GoldFax can automatically route received faxes to specific folders based on the called fax number, caller-id, etc. (DNIS, DID, TSID, CSID), or DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers. DID numbers are very inexpensive virtual phone numbers (usually less than $1 per month) that route into a much smaller amount of real telephone lines.

All routing settings are done through the simple, easy to use Receive Routing tab in the GoldFax Manager interface.