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GoldFax Server - OpenVMS

Itanium OpenVMS GoldFax for OpenVMS provides fax communication for OpenVMS Itanium servers and systems. GoldFax allows users to send faxes from any desktop on the network using fax queues that work just like print queues. Received faxes can be routed directly to desktops or printers.

GoldFax provides a simple yet effective approach to electronic faxing. Specifically designed for multiple-user networks and systems, GoldFax uses normal network and system print services, so faxing becomes as easy as printing.

GoldFax can be used with Digital PATHWORKS UCX and TGV Multinet Network environments. Whether you use a VT terminal or a PC with XP/Vista/7, GoldFax provides you with complete faxing capabilities right from your desktop.

GoldFax is powerful and flexible. It can support 1 fax line to over 120 fax lines in a single server. It can also be spread out over multiple servers for load balancing and failover protection.

Automated Faxing

Send faxes from applications by printing directly to GoldFax queues. Fax numbers and cover page information are specified by using GoldFax keywords included in the output file. Variable information can be overlaid on a graphical image, just like printing to a pre-printed form.

Command Line Interface

Fax jobs can be automated using the GoldFax Command Line Interface. Starting with the basic GFAX/SEND command, switches allow specification of recipients, cover page information, and status notification.

HP Compatible Output

Files or documents that can be printed to an HP LaserJet printer can be faxed with full font and graphics support. GoldFax supports both PCL4 and PCL5 output.

Postscript Compatible Output

Files or documents that can be printed to a PostScript printer can also be faxed with full font and graphics support. GoldFax supports both PostScript Level 1 and Level 2 output.

Fonts, Graphics, Signatures, Logos and Letterhead

Faxes can include fonts and graphics created by a wide variety of applications. Signatures can be scanned and then protected using standard file protections.


Personal and system fax phonebooks store frequently-used numbers. Distribution lists can be used for broadcast faxes.

Automatic Retries

GoldFax will automatically retry busy or no-answer transmissions. The number and frequency of retries is defined by the system or network manager.

Itanium OpenVMS

Supported Systems

Itanium OpenVMS 8.x or later
Alpha OpenVMS version 6.0 or later
VAX OpenVMS version 5.2, 6.0, 7.3.2